The Ultimate Driving Luxury

2.2L Diesel Engine with 200 PS & 440 Nm Torque

The lightweight and powerful engine churns out 200 PS maximum power and 440Nm maximum torque in addition to being BS6 compliant.

8-Speed Sportsmatic Transmission

Superior driving, dynamic performance and advanced precision come together perfectly with the 8-Speed Sportsmatic Transmission of the Kia Carnival.

UVO = Your Voice

With 37 unique features, UVO is the latest evolution in connected car technology and infotainment. It lets you seamlessly connect your smartphone or smartwatch with the kia Carnival.

LED headlamps

The aesthetically crafted LED Headlamp Cluster gives the Carnival a distinctive character.

Sputtering Alloy Wheels

With contemporary looks and elegant style, the R18-45.72 cm (18”) Sputtering Alloy Wheels of Kia Carnival are machined to perfection for an undeniable presence on road.

Sliding Doors

With the one-touch powered Sliding Doors, experience extravagance as you effortlessly move in and out of the car.

VIP Seats with RSE

Settle into the lap of luxury with the soft, premium Napa Leather Upholstery and the 25.65cm (10.1”) Touchscreen.

Tri-Zone Auto Temperature Control

The Tri-Zone Temperature Control System enables all driver, front & rear passengers, to adjust the temperature & air-flow settings.

Dual Sunroof

The dual sunroof lets in sunlight and unveils a slice of the big, blue sky for passengers in every row.


Extravagant by Design

Extravagant in Space

Be it driving your colleagues for a team brunch, taking your family for a vacation or setting out on an adventure with your friends, Kia Carnival comes with versatile seating combinations to make room for everyone and almost everything you need.

  • 7 Seater - VIP Seats
  • 8 Seater
  • 9 Seater (6 + 3)

VIP Seats with leg support

Just like the VIP Seats with Leg Support that makes it feel like a lounge, Kia Carnival comes replete with features that are bound to indulge.

Trizone Auto Climate Control

The ultimate Tri-Zone Auto Climate Control ensures that the in-car air temperature and flow are flexible enough to suit everyone along for the journey.

Power Sliding Door

With just a touch of a button, the door to the second-row slides open automatically, or as we’d like to say it – magically.

Smart Air Purifier

The on-board air purifying system keeps the cabin air unaffected by the pollution outside.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Every detail of Kia Carnival is meant to be a treat for your senses. Its 25.65cm (10.1”) Touchscreen Entertainment System makes your drive so much more fun that you’ll always feel like you are in your living room.

Safe like your home

  • Structure & Six Airbags
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors
  • Hill Start Assist Control

Kia Carnival structure uses high-strength steel and adhesives to provide comprehensive safety, by reducing the impact in case of crash. Our multi-directional safety package includes driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags.

It controls brake pressure in challenging driving situations like sudden turns, acceleration and braking

These sensors help you to safely manoeuvre and park in peculiar Indian driving conditions.

Hill Start Assist Control prevents the vehicle from rolling back during an uphill climb from a static position.

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