The Electric Superstar

Meet our Global Superstar

Sustainable Material

The upholstery makes use of sustainable suede and vegan leather while the cabin uses abundant recycled and durable materials.

Remote Folding 60:40 Split Rear Seats

Pull the conveniently located remote release lever on the wall of the cargo space to fold the rear seatback down, creating 1,300 l** of storage capacity

Wide Electric Sunroof

The roomy dimensions of the Kia EV6 seem to expand with the wide sunroof

Connected LED Tail Lamps with Sequential Indicators

The dynamic curved shape full LED tail light lends sleek and futuristic look to the rear of EV6

Body Coloured Exterior Flush Door Handles - Automatic

The seamlessly designed auto-door handles are hidden inside the door and pop-out as you approach it with the smart key

R19 – 48.74 cm (19”) Crystal-Cut Alloy Wheels

The edgy alloy wheel design along with two color tone makes a statement and lends the EV6 a sporty and distinctive stance

Dual LED Headlamps with Adaptive Driving Beam

The distinctive headlamps not only have a progressive design language but also the intelligence to automatically adjust to avoid dazzling oncoming vehicles

All Wheel Drive

The dual motor AWD system delivers superior acceleration and all-weather grip. Switches between AWD and RWD within 0.4 seconds depending on the requirement

Drive Modes

Choose from Normal, Sport or Eco drive modes. Each mode provides a significant performance change to suit the requirement along with a unique driver interface


The super sleek design with active air flaps and aerodynamic enhancements make EV6 move quickly and efficiently

Electrifying performance

The Electric is in the engineering but the EV6 stands for so much more. It emotes the excitement that comes from its performance. The powerful all-electric motor’s 605 Nm torque gives instantaneous acceleration, while a low centre of gravity offers sporty handling, making the EV6 an absolute pleasure to drive

31.24 cm (12.3") Curved Touchscreen Navigation

The integrated curved display is not only beautiful but also offers a truly immersive experience along with maximum visibility and intuitiveness

Space Innovation

Driver and Passenger Relaxation Seats

Front seats recline at the press of a button to a zero-gravity position to give maximum relaxation to the occupant

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

Key information such as speed, and lane safety indication, is projected in an intuitive manner on the windscreen

Vehicle-to-load (V2L)

Fully charged, EV6 offers 3.6 kW of power to run multiple devices inside and outside by attaching Vehicle-to-Load connector

708 Km Driving Range^

With a 77.4 kWh battery pack, the Kia EV6 lets you explore more of what the world has to offer

Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

The New E-GMP platform introduces a flat floor, facilitating comfort and utility along with greater power, driving range and control

Connected to inspire

Kia Connect with more than 60 inspirational features keeps EV6 connected with you wherever you are. Inside, it makes driving a lot more convenient with access to the full range of communication, information, and entertainment at any time.

EV Remote Climate Control

Climate stays delightful without taking anything away from the environment. Just switch on the climate control using the Kia Connect application. You can even schedule Remote Cooling based on your convenience

EV Remote Charging Control

Once the connector is plugged in, you can switch on/off the charging as per your need. Schedule the charge without any discomfort

Surround View Monitoring

Stay in control of the world outside. View a video around your EV6 according to the camera angles and monitor your surroundings